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Meet the MissFit, Dorothy Bennett

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Dive into the exclusive MissFits interview to get to know business owner Dorothy Bennett.

What’s the biggest risk you ever took?

The biggest career risk I’ve ever taken was transitioning from a full-time creative job to a freelancer. It was a big step as it coincided with another life change – getting engaged and married to Andrew Bennett. It has had tremendous pay-offs, as we started our company and have been able to work on some of our favorite commercial and personal projects. We also get to spend a lot of time together, so it’s a win all around. 

What is your best tip to someone who is afraid to fail?

I am also often afraid to fail, or to overshoot. For that, I’ve found that bringing in confidantes is such a wonderful thing, and helps amplify the growth that comes out of mistakes. It feels counterintuitive, but bringing in a few chosen people to process my upcoming risky move or a previous mistake has been a great way to make me bolder and less afraid of failure. 

The creative world is ever changing. How do you keep yourself and your team on top of the trends and pushing the bar?

I don’t know if we’re the best at staying on top of trends, but I like hearing from our team what’s been catching their eye recently, or what art they’re enjoying. Sharing inspirations with people you care about is fantastic. Then, with our group interested in the same inspirations, we can create a video or photo project that pushes us beyond our previous work. 

How can a young woman establish her professional voice in a world that views women of authority as bossy?

If I believe in the goal I’m headed towards, it’s easier to ignore the perception of how I’m doing it, especially if that perception is solely based on gender. I feel as though a professional voice is a byproduct of moving in the direction of my goals.  

Best Tip She Ever Got

“A writing professor told us to write down all of our ideas, even the throw-away ones. There’s been so many times I’ve forgotten an idea that I thought was brilliant in the moment, but is now just-out-of-reach. Finding a scribbled note and remembering a creative idea is the best sensation, and I’ve repurposed a lot of my college creativity into my current commercial work. “

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