How Yessy Gutiérrez Made Her Dream Company

Meet the MissFit, Yessy Gutierrez

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If you had the attention of every marketer what would you say to them?

Don’t take things personally. I’ve learned that life is always about being the bigger person – especially when it’s exceptionally hard. Someone may not like your ideas – but it’s okay. Learn to walk and talk through what the client doesn’t like and learn from it. It’ll teach you to be a better communicator. It can be a slow process at first (taking in all of the criticism) but over time you’ll learn to read people better, come up with more solutions before and spend less time second-guessing yourself. 

What is the biggest challenge facing female leaders today?

Asking for help. It’s easy to feel lonely in a leadership position, especially as a woman. There are more female leaders each day, but still not as prevalent as men in leadership. It’s important to reach out to like-minded women and ask for help and to feed off each other. Each and every person that has crossed your path has influenced where you are today. So while at times it can feel lonely, it’s important to remember all of who have helped you get to the top. Like Maya Angelou says, “I come as one, but I stand as 10,000.”

For the women out there who want to execute on their own ideas but are nervous to make the jump, what are some tips you have from your experience as an entrepreneur?

If you’re nervous (like I was), do research, create to-do lists, create excel spreadsheets, think of different scenarios, and how you can solve them. When you launch a product or service you want to make sure that you can answer many of the questions that will be thrown at you. Being this prepared will give you the confidence to keep pushing forward. And don’t be afraid to let someone know that you can get back to them with an answer – it’s better to know the right answer than to give a wrong one.

Best Tip for Someone Who Is Afraid to Fail

If you’re not failing – you’re not trying.

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