Get to Know Salmaa Elshanshory

Meet the MissFit, Salmaa Elshanshory

Director of Strategy & Operations | Handy HQ |

What would you say to the aspiring marketer/operator who wants to make an impact on the world?

Learn your craft, then focus on the impact. I know a younger me wanted to make an impact on the world from day 1. However, I learned that the journey to impact isn’t always linear. Early on in your career, invest in building the skill sets that are both transferable and critical. 

For me, I started off at the UN and quickly became disillusioned by the bureaucracy and inefficiencies. I transitioned to the private sector in hopes of driving impact–albeit for a less noble cause. It was eye opening. I now know the private sector can be a vehicle for change and I’m closer than ever in terms of skill sets to be part of driving that! 

What has you excited about the changes in the business world?

I’m excited about two things: the new phase of democracy of knowledge and the meritocracy of ideas. It was Google that coined–and built–the notion that information should be universally accessible. This generation is building on that infrastructure to add another dimension: scaling education. Today, I’d argue it’s easier than ever to become an entrepreneur and to gain business acumen largely through the growth of knowledge sharing. I’m excited to see the global implications and innovation come from new places as a result. 

The second is the tech space making organizations more linear and allowing data and innovation to be at the forefront of thought in various spaces. The business world is no longer led by the tenured and stereotypical “white man,” but rather we’re seeing a diversity of leadership who are gaining their place on the basis of their thoughts/ideas. I see a day where the school on your CV, the company you worked for etc. won’t matter but the impact you have and can drive will

You were once rejected for a position with Uber – many people would move on to the next job. Instead, you created a future with Uber for 4+ years. What made you fire back and push to get the job?

I’ve learned that one of the best things you can do early in your career is surround yourself with people who see your potential long before you fully recognize it.  The day I got the rejection note from Uber, I had finished filming a short video on why they should hire me. I was midway through editing the video when I got that rejection email; I remember that moment so vividly. I was sitting next to a friend so disheartened and less motivated to finish the video. He said something like well they made a mistake. Then it clicked, THEY MADE A MISTAKE. Hours later, I tweeted the video on 3 reasons they should hire me and messaged several people on LinkedIn knowing that I just needed ONE PERSON to see my potential. 

The average recruiter spends seconds reviewing a resume. SECONDS. Your career, your potential, and your opportunities should make you always push back because YOU can’t be glossed over in seconds. 

Best Tip For Making That Moneyyyyyyy

Don’t think about making money. I’m a strong believer that if you are smart and driven, the money will come. The focus now is to take the right opportunities that will set you up for long term success. Be financially savvy along the way, but don’t lose sight of the big picture.

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