Nisha Virik | Meet the MissFit

Meet the MissFit, Nisha Virik

Team Lead – Global Diversity & Inclusion and HR Enterprise Marketing | Bloomberg LP |

How do you define success?

My definition of success constantly changes but I’m making it a habit to always take a moment to reflect and appreciate that success, no matter how small, before moving on to the next thing. I think this is important because we often treat success like a moving target. While there are obvious upsides to that, it can also be incredibly exhausting. 

Is there a book/podcast that you would recommend a fellow career-driven female to look into?

Big Potential by Shawn Achor. We’ve all been wired to think of potential as being a set of individual traits and therefore the road to success is a lonely one. Shawn uses data to prove the opposite in his book and it has completely shifted how I work. Your big potential is determined by how you complement, contribute to, and benefit from the abilities and achievements of people around you. The more you expand and share your power with others, the more powerful you become.

Strides have been made in marketing when it comes to diversity, but there is still a long way to go. What steps do you take when introducing the benefits of diversity to a new group of people or community?

The key point I try to always make is that improving diversity is not a zero-sum game. A diverse environment benefits all and there is space for everyone. The other side of this important conversation is inclusion. Inclusion activates the value of diversity — so if people aren’t truly included, we’re back to square one. Both diversity and inclusion are so important in a field like marketing, where we tend to draw from lived-experiences to fuel creativity and ideas. We have to make sure we include diverse thoughts and perspectives so the stories we tell and the bold ideas we put out there as marketers, actually reflect the real world we live in. 

What would you say to the aspiring marketer who wants to make an impact on the world?

Connect to something greater than yourself and be prepared for the inspiration, wisdom, and perspective that comes when you tap into that intention. That’s powerful and it’ll keep you going when things get a little rough.

Best Tip You Ever Got

“Every interaction matters. Use the space between stimuli and response thoughtfully. You build character and you grow in those moments.”

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