Tina-Marie Gulley, Advocate for Women in Tech

Vice President, Business Marketing | Edelman | Edelman.com

Meet the MissFit, Tina-Marie Gulley

As an advocate for women in the technology industry, what progress would you like to see made in the next 10 years for young girls entering the field? 

I’d love to see a truly inclusive tech industry from the boards down to the engineers to other staff members. I’d love to see that reflected through VPs, founders and CEOs as well. 

What is the biggest challenge facing female leaders today? 

We need a seat at the table. We need more women CEOs, shareholders, investors, engineers.

Have you experienced any roadblocks or challenges as a woman in the marketing industry? If so, how did you overcome them?

I’m a double minority in a town that is pseudo liberal so there are lots of challenges and roadblocks that I will always have to navigate. I’ve worked in tech marketing for all of my career and I have  hardly ever worked with people that look like me. There’s microaggressions and bias that many of my peers don’t have to deal with or don’t even realize are happening because of their privileges. And while I’m outspoken now I wasn’t always that way. I try to pick and choose my battles but it’s important to address issues as they arise.   

What advice would you give someone going into a leadership position for the first time?

It’s important to have a great team and trust them to do their jobs. You don’t need to be the expert on everything.   

We are all about the hustle, but also stress the value of a work-life balance. What advice do you have for women who are struggling to disconnect from work and make time for their personal lives?

I don’t believe you’ll ever have a complete 50/50 balance but it’s important to take a break. You perform better in every aspect of your life when you have balance. Don’t wait for your vacation to take a break, you can start small. Set time in your day to get out and walk, meditate, enjoy fresh air, leave early one day a week to connect with your friends and/or to pursue a hobby.

Best Tip For Staying Motivated

“Find your purpose for the work you’re doing.”

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